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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Batman is sometime Impetuous
Impetuous is to feel and act with great rigor, violence, and in a rushed manor. (Oxford English Dictionary). Impetuous is: to be done quickly, without care or thought. (Oxford Dictionaries). Impetuous is to be of or pertaining to a characterization and impulsive actions and decisions. (Dictionary.com) To say one is impetuous is to identify a dis-ease and anxiety within them, almost always during a moment of pressure. Impetuous is usually used to describe a noun in a state of rigorous momentum. 
Impetuous has been used as an adjective since the late fourteenth century. It comes from the French thirteenth century word impetuos. This word comes from impetuosus which spelled similarly to our modern version of the word impetuous; it has the same meaning as well. From here it can be related to its original derivative impetus a latin word meaning to attack. Furthermore the root word impetus describes a moving force, stimulus and momentum (Dictionary.com). The suffix, ‘ous’ is defined as being “abounding in, full of, or the nature of” (Oxford English Dictionary). Thus, impetuous is to be bountiful in motivation and momentum, however referring back to its origin, it also establishes an attack and violence in its nature.  
To be impetuous as a human, one may feel overwhelmed or that there is a sense of disorder in their life. A student working on a studio deadline the day before may be impetuous as they try to finish the project on time. The lack of time and effort available for them to put into their work and in the events and actions will result in an uncomfortable mark. An ordinarily reasonable person may act impetuously anticipating the repercussions that will follow an unaccomplished task. However, the lack of clarity in the impetuous brain can cause an opposite reaction than that it would want to. The quickened mind becomes overwhelmed, cramped, and thus the thoughts slow and the result is what it fears: a lack in production. This impetuosity causes the mind to slow with anxiety, things are done rushed, without careful thought and often completed wrongly and roughly. In the rush, one may act with rigor and violence, causing unknown or accidental harm to one or both the work, the people around them and oneself. As a result one, who may not even finish, will often be displeased with the resultant work and relationships at this time.
On the other hand, impetuous can describe more than just a person, but also any other living being, place or object. Impetuous can illustrate the actions and demeanor of any describable noun which may apply. The wind may blow impetuously, thrashing the beaten log shack in its wake. The wind which blows against the log shack is both violent and has a momentum. However, to be described as impetuous, it must have  movement in some form. It would be inaccurate to say that a house is impetuous, because the house cannot have momentum, rigor or be violent. However the house may be filled with impetuous beings, because the beings inside can be violent, have motivation and movement. Therefore, impetuous describes a noun which feels, acts, or moves with rigor, violence, motivation and momentum.

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